Changing background process configurations

To change the default background processes:

  1. Logon to Infor Expense Management System Administration Tool
  2. Select Manage > Servers > Background Process.
  3. Select an XMDB Tool background process.
  4. Specify this information:
    Process Startup Mode
    Select the start and restart options for the background process.
    Process Wait Interval
    Specify the time interval that a continuous running process to be stalled between processing cycles.
    Process Wait Interval Unit
    Select the unit of time used for the wait interval.
    Process Log Level
    Select the type of logging for the file.
    Process Log Maximum Size
    Specify the maximum size of a log file for the background process in kilobytes. When a log file reaches this limit, it is archived and renamed to the log file name with a timestamp appended to the name. A new log file is created to continue the logging function for the background process.
    Appl. Server Port No.
    Specify the port number for the application data server where the process is assigned to run when started.
    Appl. Server Host Name
    Specify the name of the host machine where the application server is running.

    Specify the processing parameter for the XMDBTool to use. These are the same commands that are in the XMDBTool client properties file. For example, to use the purgeData XMDBTool parameter when uploading files, we need to specify purgeData=1for the XMDBToolBKG.import background process. These are the default values:

    • XMDBToolBkg.import: c=UPLOAD_DATA_PROC
    • XMDBToolBkg.export :c=DOWNLOAD_DATA_PROC
    • XMDBToolBkg. exportXX: c=DOWNLOAD_DATA_PROC,.downloadModule=XX

      Here XX represents the name of table from where data needs to be downloaded. Currently supported modules are Infor ER, Infor TP, Infor TS, and Infor PR.

      Note:  The parameters for every Infor Expense Management application are the same.

      The case-sensitive parameter StartTime is used to set the start time for the background process. This is a general purpose application parameter used for all the XMDBTool background processes. Use this parameter to provide flexibility in scheduling background processes such as starting the BKG at a specific time of the day.

      The StartTime parameter is used to specify the time when the background process starts. The time value is specified in the 0:0-23:59 format. You cannot specify date but you can specify the time zone.

      For example, to start the background process at 2:00 AM, background process server time zone must be specified as StartTime=2:00.

      To start the background process at 11:15 PM in the evening in the Pacific Time zone, specify the standard time zone notation such as PST, GMT, or EST. Do not use a Daylight saving variations such as PDT or EDT. The Daylight savings time offset is automatically handled when you use the standard time zone names.

      Note: When query parameters are specified in the background process parameters, the character (=) is replaced by the character (-_) and the character (,) is replaced by the character (;)

      For example, the downloadModule can be specified as


    StartTime=23:15 PST
    Starting with release 8.1.6, you can schedule and run the XMDBToolBKG background process on specific days of the week and on specific time of that day. Use this parameter to provide flexibility in scheduling background processes to start on any time of the specified day.
    Using the parameter runDays you can configure the background process to run on specific days. The days are any combination of three letter day names. For example, SUN, MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT. The parameter runDays =" MON, TUE" runs only on Mondays and Tuesdays.
    Note: The parameter values must be enclosed in quotes as shown in the example.

    The runDays parameters can be specified in the background process parameters list. The background process stops processing if the current day is not on the list and you have specified the runDays parameter. If you have not specified the runDays parameter, then the background process runs as it was originally configured, which is all days.

  5. To save your changes, click OK.

    These parameters are introduced in the Infor Expense Management application v 10.2.10:

    • createNewLog: A new log file is created when scheduling the background process, if the value of the createNewLog background process parameter is set to yes, in the XMDBTool Client. Otherwise, the logs are appended to the existing log file
    • noManaulStart: This parameter disables the manual execution of the XMDBTool background process, if the value of the noManaulStart background process parameter is set to True. This configuration can be utilized when the XMDBTool background process is in the sleep mode during a continuous run cycle (set to run in x gap of hours, days or months).