Obtaining updates automatically

The AutoUpdater feature autoUpdater.bat batch file enables the XMDBTool to download the latest library jar files from the server to the client. This ensures that the client is updated every time the server is updated. For example, with service packs or hand patches.

By default, the AutoUpdater feature is enabled and the server name is specified in the autoupdater.properties file located in the <xmdbtool-client-install>/conf folder. XMDBTool batch files run the Autoupdater to download all the updates available in the server.

To disable the AutoUpdater, set the enableAutoUpdate property in the autoupdater.properties to no.

AutoUpdater does not download the batch files or the script files from the server. If you are using an older version of the XMDBTool and you can upgrade to the latest version, using the xmdbtool-update.zip file, which is available in the XMDBTool distribution location in Infor Xtreme/Sharepoint. This file includes all the updated library files, batch files, and configuration scripts. Existing users are advised to unzip this file in the existing XMDBTool root directory.