Trodent file transfers

Trondent transfers the OLB files (in XML format) of all the customers to the FTP server managed by Hosted.

The Trondent BKG transfers the customer specific files from the Hosted SFTP server to the customer specified SFTP folders. The files are selected based on the olb.trondent.pcc application parameter. The customer can specify this parameter and multiple pcc parameters can be specified separated by commas.

Each incoming Trondent file has the pcc information as part of the file name starting with <pcc>_<filename>.<ext>. For example, in the demo_trondent1.txt file name, demo is the pcc. If the customer specifies demo as the olb.trondent.pcc value, only the files having the pcc as demo are selected from the inbound folder and transferred to the SFTP location specified in the background process parameter.

The credentials (application parameters) of the SFTP server, where Trondent sends the files, is maintained by hosted. The parameters are:

  • sftpHostTrondent: The SFTP Server HOST address where Trondent sends all the files.
  • sftpUserTrondent: The SFTP Server user ID.
  • sftpPasswordTrondent: The SFTP Server password.
  • sftpHostImportTrondent: The SFTP Server folder location where all the Trondent files are located.

After the specific files are transferred from the Hosted Server to Customer SFTP Server, these files are archived. The archived folder must be specified in the application parameter archive.dir. The default value for the archived folder is ../xmshare/archive/<tenant>/trondent. The files are archived for the number of days specified in the application parameter xmdbtool.archiveDaysTrondent. The default value is one (1) day.