Pulling the CC files from GXS server

XMDBTOOLBKG.CC is used for each tenant, to pull the files from the GXS server and process the same. The XMDBToolBKG.CC is provided with GXS SFTP host address, username , password and the folder to which it connects , to execute this process. These credentials are provided as part of the BKG parameters. Appl parameters are also available to specify the SFTP specific parameters, but as the incoming and outgoing authentications may be different, it is recommended to provide the SFTP parameters, as a part of the bkg parameters.

XMDBToolBKG.CC connects to the GXS server and pulls the files to Expense Management Server. The credit card format of these CC files , used for processing the cc files, are based on the credit card format provided as a part of the folder location.

If a customer has multiple credit card feeds, there are multiple XMDBToolBKG's for that customer. Each bkg pulls in the cards for each type. For example, if tenant 1 has feeds from VISA, MASTERCARD and BANAMEX, there are three different instances of XMDBToolBKG.CC pulling data for each CC type, respectively.

Expense Management does not delete any files from the GXS Server. When a file is pulled by Expense Management, from the POLLABLE folder, that file is moved to the ACCEPTED folder where it is stored for 30 days .So in case Expense Management requires the files, the files can be pulled from the ACCEPTED folder.

Expense Management continues to archive the files, based on the days specified in the settings, in the appl parameter.

During this process if the authentication fails, the information is logged.

Note: All XMDBToolBKG.CC instances connecting to sftp server, to pull the cc data, must have the credit card format as a part of the bkg parameter. For example, the XMDBToolBKG.CC instance set to pull the VISA files must have the cc.uploadImportFormat=Visa.