Upload Receipt Files

The XMDBTool utility can be used for uploading the large receipt files to the database using the upload_receipts.bat file. The utility segregates the large receipt files into individual receipt files, before uploading to the server.

For example, if an input receipt file has 500 receipts, then XMDBTool utility segregates the file into 500 individual receipt files. The individual receipt files are then uploaded separately and each receipt file has a separate log file. This functionality ensures that the receipt files are processed smoothly without memory exceptions.

To use this functionality, you must configure these application parameters:

  • receipts.split: Set the value of this application parameter to True in the XMDBTool properties file. This parameter segregates the large files to individual files. By default, the value is set to False.
  • receipts.delete: Set the value of this application parameter to True, if the input receipt file must be deleted after processing. By default, the value is set to False
  • receipts.xmlHeader: This is an optional application parameter and is used to specify the header of the receipts xml file. By default, the XML header is <?xml version= "1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>