Automatic Email Notification

The XMDBTool utility sends automatic email notifications when the XMDBTool background process is executed for these XMDBTool background processes:

  • XMDBToolBkg.import
  • XMDBToolBkg.export
  • XMDBToolBkg.CC
  • XMDBToolBkg.ETL

The automatic notifications are sent to pre-designated users based on the keywords in the log files or the background process logs. These notifications are useful when major issues are encountered in the background processes.

To enable this functionality, configure these parameters:

  • Autoemail: Specify a valid email address in the background process parameter.
  • createNewLog: Set the value of the background process parameter to True to create a new background process file.
  • email.autoNotifierKeyWords: Specify keywords in the application parameter. You can specify multiple keywords separated by semi-colon. The notifcations are sent based on the keywords.
  • xmdbtool.readLines: Specify the number of lines in the application parameter. The utility reads the specified number of lines in the log file backwards to scan the error message, if any. By default, the number of lines specified is 10.