Running the failed CC feed files automatically

For 10.1 and earlier versions , when cc files are processed by the XMDBToolBKG, the input cc feed files are archived, by default, and then run by the bkg. If some these files fail, due to reasons such as mapping not specified, a corrupt file, or bad formatting, these files must be fixed and then manually run again . You must then save the files in the data folder and start the bkg again. After the failed files are corrected, they are treated as brand new files and the whole process is repeated again.

With the 10.1 release, the XMDBTools application is enhanced to automatically re-run the failed cc feed files. A new 'rerun' folder is created on the server at <archive.dir>/archive/<tenantid>/cc/rerun/cc.uploadImportFormat. When XMDBToolBKG.CC runs and some of the feed files fail are not processed, the failed files are copied to the rerun folder. The rerun folder contains all previously failed files.

Note: Failed files are always archived. The support team or ICS must fix and rectify the file before it is scheduled to rerun.

A new bkg process called XMDBToolBKG.CCReRun is used to process the files in the rerun folder. The XMDBToolBKG.CC process includes a default rerun=true parameter.

It is recommended that instead of running XMDBToolBKG.CC with the rerun=true flag, run the new XMDBToolBKG.CCReRun bkg instance to rerun the failed files. You can schedule(as all other bkgs) the bkgs to run at a given time , once a day, or once a month depending on the customer requirement. The bkg processes only the files in the rerun folder. The successfully processed files are deleted from this folder and the proper logs are generated in the logs folder. E-mails can also be received, if the relevant feature is enabled. Files that are not processed are replaced in the same folder and are processed in the next bgk run.

You also have the option to run a single file by specifying the file name in the parameter runFile . The system searches for this file in the archivedfiles folder, by default. For example, param runfile= visacc__89.TXT.

If the file is available in the rerun folder, the file name must be prefixed with 'rerun/'. For example, runfile= rerun/visacc__89.TXT.