Configuration parameters for supporting full data (replaceAll mode) load [xmloadtool.bat/sh]

  • load_src: It is used to specify the load. For example; load_src=server or load_src=client - load_src. It can have only two values either server or client.
  • tableList: It is used to specify the table list. You can specify a list of tables (separated by comma), for example; tableList = alco_holiday_sched_name, alco_holidays or you can specify all tables, for example; tableList = all
  • dataSetList: It is used to specify the data set list.
  • dropandLoadSchema: It is used to specify the dropAndLoadSchema. It is set to true by default.
  • client_load_location: It is used when the load_src = client. This is the location of the data files that must be loaded on the client machine.