Configuration parameters for Exporting data [download_data.bat/sh]

These parameters are specified on the client side [download_data.bat/sh] and as background process parameters for XMDBToolBkg.Export BKG process:

  • downloadTableName: The name of the table from where the data is downloaded. It is a mandatory parameter. For example; downloadTableName = alex_application_filter.
  • downloadModule: The name of the module to download. This parameter take precedence over downloadTableName. Multiple modules are separated by colon (:). For example; downloadModule =ER.
  • autoVerify: Includes the module that must be AutoVerified in the autoVerify parameter. This is an optional parameter. Multiple modules are separated by colon (:). For example; autoVerify = ER.
  • downloadFolderName: The name of the folder where the downloaded data and log files are directed on the client side. This is an optional parameter. You must include double back slashes [\\] as folder separators. For example; downloadFolderName = C:\\Work\\ClientInterfaceTool\\code.
  • convertToCRLF: By setting convertToCRLF = 1, it converts the downloaded file to CRLF format. Default value is 0.
  • ex_delimiter: The delimiter used to export files. By default, its bar (|).
  • debugInfo: This parameter is used to get additional logging information. Default values is false. To get more information, Set it to true.
  • ex_logMerge: If it is set to true, the log files are merged into one file. Else for each run, there is separate log file generated and log file time-stamped. Default value is set to true.
  • colHeader: It includes the columns in the output (exported) file. It must be set to true. It is an optional parameter.