Circular Approval Detection

This report detects the employees who have approved expense reports for each other since the date specified. Only those employee pairs with overlapping expense report approval dates will be listed on this report. For example, Employee 1 approved expense reports for Employee 2 from January, 2006 through March, 2006. If Employee 2 approved expense reports for Employee 1 between January and March 2006, the employee pair would appear on this report. If Employee 2 approved expense reports for Employee 1 in April, 2006, they would not appear on this report. Drill down is available on individual employees to view a list of the overlapping expense reports.

This report provides this information:

  • ER Owner 1
  • Employee Number 1
  • Tracking Number 1
  • Activity Name 1
  • Total Expense Amount 1
  • ER Owner 2
  • Employee Number 2
  • Tracking Number 2
  • Activity Name 2
  • Total Expense Amount 2

Drill-through on ER owner 1 to show all circular approvals that are related to the selected employee.

You are prompted for this information:

  • Approved Date Range
  • ER Owner (optional)