Top Spending Cost Center

This report identifies the cost centers that have the highest total or average amount spent on a particular expense type over the selected time period. All expenses with expense dates within the selected time period will be accumulated. The average spent per expense type, across the ranking group, is presented for comparison purposes. Drill down is available on individual cost center to view a detailed list of the expenses incurred by the cost center over the selected time period.

The report provides this information:

  • Rank #
  • Cost center code
  • # expenses
  • Average paid in amount
  • Allocation paid in amount

Drill-through by Rank #. Drill-through report shows the details of spending over the selected period of time.

You are prompted for this information:

  • Rank top N
  • Transaction date range
  • Expense type (optional)
  • Sorted by
  • Expense amount currency (optional)
  • Report currency (shown if applicable and it is optional)