Duplicate Reimbursement

This report detects employees who attended a business meal but also submitted an expense for the same date and type of meal. Attendees on all business meals with expense date within one month of the specified date are analyzed. Drill down is available to view details of the expense report containing the business meal expense or the expense report containing the duplicate meal expense. Drill down is also available to view a list of all attendees for a business meal.

This report provides this information:

  • Guest First Name
  • Guest Last Name
  • Line Item Date
  • Expense Type
  • Tracking Number
  • ER Owner
  • Currency
  • Self Paid
  • Paid in Amount Per Guest

You are prompted for this information:

  • Line Item Date Range
  • ER Owner (optional)
  • Location of Expense (optional)
  • Set of Book (optional)