Time & Expense by Project

All time and expenses associated to a project. The report answers these questions:

  • What projects did employees charge time and expenses to this billing period?
  • What are the total dollars and hours by employee and by project?
  • Because we bill on a Time and Materials basis, are all expenses associated with project X accounted for?
  • Do project expenses look reasonable? Do we need client approval?

The report provides this information:

  • Top Level Project Name
  • User Name
  • User Currency
  • Expenses Allocated
  • Hours

You are required to specify this information:

  • Year of Expenses Paid
  • Year of the Timesheet End Period
  • Top Level Project Name
  • Report currency (displayed if applicable and is an optional prompt)

Additional filters include:

  • Excludes Documents in Create Activity

Drill-Through (on Cognos only)

Top Level Project Name to the Drilldown into Expenses report or Drilldown into Timesheets Report.