TS Employee Utilization

This report lists the billable vs. non-billable status by project and consultant utilization. The report answers these questions:

  • What projects are billable vs. non-billable?
  • Where are consultants spending their time (activities, tasks, administrative, and so on)?
  • What is my group’s utilization rate this billing period?
  • What are my top revenue generating projects?
  • How many billable hours has my group generated?
  • What projects/tasks did employees generally allocate time?

The report provides this information:

  • Employee Full Name
  • Tracking Number
  • Document Status
  • Billable Hours
  • Non-Billable hours
  • Overhead
  • Hours
  • Approved Hours

You are prompted the Year(s) of the Timesheet End Period and the Top Level Project Name.

Additional filters include:

  • Excludes Documents in Create Activity