Adding application parameters

You can use the Address (alwf_appl_parameters) table to update the application parameters.

The fields on the Application Parameters table do not support a trailing backslash (\) character. For example, do not specify c:\dev\.

To add application parameters:

  1. Click the Data tab.
  2. Select App Parameter and click Show Tab. The App Parameter screen is displayed.
  3. Click New. The Search for App Parameter / New App Parameter screen is displayed.
  4. Specify this information in the Primary Information panel:
    The name of the parameter.
    A value for the parameter.
    The description of the parameter.
    The status of the application parameter. The status can be Active or Inactive.
    The date on which the application parameter is released.
  5. Specify this information in the Additional Information panel:
    Allow Override
    Indicates whether the overrides are allowed for the application parameter.
    Customer Visible
    Indicates whether the parameter is visible for the customer.
  6. Click Save to add an application parameter and save the data.