Adding a job classification

You can use the Job Classification (alco_job_classification) table to create classification codes for the jobs. You assign these codes to the employees on the Timesheet tab of the User Information screen.

  1. Click the Data tab.
  2. Select Job Classification and click Show Tab. The Job Classification screen is displayed.
  3. Click New. The Search for Job Classification/ New Job Classification screen is displayed.
  4. Specify this information in the Primary Information panel:
    The name for the job class.
    An internal code for the job class. This code is used by the system processes that require job classification information.
    The status of the job class. The status can be Active or Inactive.
    External Key
    A unique external ID of the job classification, if required.
  5. Click Add in the Membership section, if required, and add the data groups.
  6. Click Save to add a job class and save the data.