Managing Users

You can use the Infor XM SAT HTML application to configure and manage the user information.

You can use the User tab to add and modify the user data, credit card details, and proxy information.

These options are displayed on the User screen:

  • Billable Rate: Enables you to configure the billable rates by the line items to calculate amounts based on user hours.
  • Credit Card: Enables you to attach the credit card information.
  • External Account: Allows some features to integrate with external systems and websites.
  • Group Permission: Controls who can access groups and roles.
  • Proxy Permission: Enables you to set up user permission for the proxy creator.
  • Reviewer Permission: Controls who can review the documents. Mainly used in conjunction with the PermissionBasedRouting business rule.
  • User: Displays the list of user entries comprising of employee information, application values, and permissions.