Adding a HR import

To add an HR import:

  1. Click the Data tab.
  2. Select HR Import and click Show Tab. The HR Import screen is displayed.
  3. Click New. The Search for HR Import / New HR Import screen is displayed.
  4. Specify this information in the Primary Information panel:
    The module for import.
    Map Type
    The map type to be imported.
    Data Type
    The data type to be imported.
    The element to be imported.
    Key Element
    Indicates whether the element is part of the unique identifier key. Some data types use a single unique ekey while others use a composite key (for example, Membership uses group Id and the data's ekey to identify entries). The key is used during import to review the data and update its elements. You can also use this key to create the data if the data does not already exist.
    Indicates whether the data's element can be updated during subsequent imports.
    Staging Table
    The staging table to import.
    Staging Column
    The staging column to import.
    Primary Key
    Indicates whether the staging column is part of the table's primary key, and whether its NULL or NOT NULL. For example, alex_proxy's clustered primary key uses both user_ekey and user_group_ekey but since only one of the columns will be filled in they're both NULL.
  5. Click Save to add a HR import and save the data.