For non-SAAS Customers (On premises/ Self hosted)

In the bin folder, run the sat.bat from the command prompt. When bin/sat.bat is run for the first time, the system prompts the user to specify the server URL in the format, <protocol>://<serverName>:<portNumber>. For example, Once specified, the config file is updated with all the required values and INFOR XM SAT starts normally. The server URL is only required for the first time of installation .Next time, since the config file is set, this starts the INFOR XM SAT.

You must run the sat.bat command with a reset flag to modify the values, (generally typing mistakes) such as, sat reset.

On specifying the reset flag, the system prompts for the server URL again.

Note: The SAT.BAT must be run. This checks for the latest updates on the server and downloads the latest version to the client, when available and starts the client.