Groups overview

You can use the Groups to organize and classify the data in the application. For example, users, user access, roles, corporate data, and business rules. The Group-based data distinguishes separate divisions in a company in terms of users, corporate data, business rules, reports, and the administrators who manage the data for the divisions.

Groups also determine the user activity in the Infor SAT application. For example, the applications to which the user has access, whether the user can create documents, review documents, or use the Infor SAT application. System administrators, except for the super administrator, can access only the administrator group data. This helps to manage different divisions or groups separately without the risk of modifying the data of a company by the system administrator of another group. See Understanding the Administrator role

User permissions control access to various parts of the Infor SAT application. See Understanding permissions

Groups control the user activity in a sector of the data. The permission helps in granting access to the Infor SAT screens or type of data for the system administrator. The groups and permissions work simultaneously to control the Expense Management application.

The types of group are:

  • Role: Roles help in granting permission to access the Infor SAT application for the user and the administrator. Roles also describe the action the user can perform in a company. For example, Access group can review data in the Infor SAT application. A user in the access group is granted access to the ER: Role group to create and submit the expense reports.
  • Data: Data includes a set of corporate information, business rules, and the user groups. A user cannot be direct member of the data groups but a user group can be included in a data group. The user cannot review the data contained in a group unless given access to the data group. See Providing user access to a group
  • User: User includes a list of users for managing, reporting, or finding other users in the application. Reports are generated to collect and sort the data in an application created by specific users belonging to a user group. Administrators with access to the Infor SAT application, can create or edit users contained in these groups and can assign the users to other data groups. The user groups locate other users to set up proxy information. The user group is different from the data group. The data in the user group contains only the list of users. Any data associated with the users is based on the list of data groups to which the users have access.
  • Admin: Admin includes a list of other groups maintained by an administrator in the Infor SATapplication. All group types are contained in the admin group. An administrator grants user access to groups contained in the administrator's groups. For example, a user with an administrator role can manage expense report users in the Infor SAT application. The administrator can provide users access to any role or data groups included in the admin groups for which the administrator is a member. The administrator cannot provide users access to data that is not contained in these admin groups.