Exporting resource keys for translation

Exporting resource keys for translation. This functionality exports entries from the alco_localization_string table to the property files andprovides a useful process to send files to the translators.

Note: You must set the i18n.showImportExport application parameter to True to enable the Export option.
  1. Select Tools > Resource Key Editor.
  2. Click Export. The Export Resource Keys screen is displayed.
  3. Select one of these options to specify the type of content for export:
    • Export all keys (language packs + customization): All the resource keys are exported.
    • Exports only the custom resource keys that are modified. This is a Export customization way to backup your customization.
    • Export placeholders for missing keys: The export process searches for all the English resource keys that are in the database and determines which resource keys are missing for the other locales.
  4. Select a directory to save the files.
  5. Select one or more locales.
  6. Click Export to export resource keys.
    Note:  After you click Export, the screen is disabled except the Stop option. You can use the Stop option to terminate the export process, if required. You can review detailed information about the export in the log file.
  7. Click Done after the export process is completed.
  8. Open the properties or the .utf8 files in the specified export directory to view the exported data.