HTTP per diem importer

You can use the HTTP per diem importer to automatically load the per diem data from the user defined sources, using the internet. You can configure the HTTP per diem importer to run in the background at a user-defined interval and automatically update the per diem data from these data sources:


The HTTP per diem importer supports these different modes of execution:

  • A background process
  • The XMDBTool

When the HTTP per diem importer runs as a background process, you can configure the command interface, provided in the application server, to start and stop the background processes or you can use the Background Process Monitor screen in the Infor Expense SAT application.

The HTTP per diem importer background process is HttpPerDiemImportBkg. See Using the command line and the Background processes.

You can invoke the class that imports the data when you use the XMDBTool to update per diem data.

run_background_process_XMDBTool.bat PerDiemImportBkg http://HOSTNAME PORT_NUMBER USER PASSWORD

The details of the parameters are:

  • HOSTNAME is the name of the machine where the Infor Expense Management background server is running.
  • PORT NUMBER is the port number of the background server.
  • USER is the name of the user.
  • PASSWORD is the password for the specified user.

Ensure that all the application parameters are correctly configured before you run the per diem tool. See the Infor Expense Management System Administration Tool User Guide - Application Parameters.