Creating a hook

Hooks are stored in the albr_event table. You cannot use the Infor SAT application to define a new hook. The implementation team must define a hook when defining activities or transitions. The albr_event table saves the description of the hook associated to a unique hook ID.

The hook ID is used in the alwf_activity_transition table (exit hook) or in the alwf_activity table (entry hook) to associate a transition or activity to a hook. For example, you can attach the Route on Expense Report Submit hook to the default transition from the Expense Report Submit activity.

The column name in the alwf_activity_transition table for the server-side exit hook is br_exit_hook. The column in alwf_activity table for the server-side entry hook is br_enter_hook_id. So, if you are defining server-side business rules for custom transitions, you must create a custom hook and the br_exit_hook column of the transition record must reflect the hook ID.