Adding an online booking agency

You can use the Online Booking Agency Configure (alco_oba_config) table to maintain the available online booking agencies and assign booking agencies to each Data Group. The application displays different agencies for the various users' agency selection screen. This table contains information of different online booking agencies, such as the display name, navigation outcome string, and back processing class name.

Note:  You must load the olb dataset to configure the online booking feature.
  1. Select Manage > Corporate Data.
  2. Select Online Booking Agency Configure in the Data Type field.
  3. Specify this information:
    Display Name
    The display name of the agency.
    Navigation Outcome
    The expected navigation path outcome.
    Provider Class
    The provider class and back processing class name of the agency. For example,
    The status of the online booking agency. The status can be Active or Inactive.
  4. Click the Membership tab, if required, and add the data groups. See, Adding or removing data groups from a corporate date type.
  5. Specify an external key, if required. See, Creating an external key.
  6. Click Add to add an online booking agency and save the data.
  7. Open the installation root\webapps\er\WEB-INF\ faces-config.xml file and add a definition to navigate to the specific parameters collecting page.
    This example shows the navigation path for the Amadeus online booking agency:

  8. Add coding to the retrieve page for the agency. For example, installation root\webapps\er\WEB-INF\classes\com\geac\extn\er\app\olb\ . For Amadeus, the retrieve page is installation root\webapps\er\WEB-INF\classes\com\geac\extn\er app\olb\olb_amadeus_retrieve.jsp.
  9. Add coding to the class file which handles the retrieval details. For example, for Amadeus, the class file is installation root\webapps\er\WEB-INF\classes\com\geac\extn\er\olb\
  10. Save the configuration file.