Adding a user

A user assigned to an administrator role can add new users to the application and can provide access to the data.

Note:  The number and the name of fields can vary based on the configuration set by the company.
  1. Select Manage > Users > User Information.
  2. Click Clear to clear any prior information in the fields.
  3. Specify this information:
    First Name
    The first name of the user.
    Middle Initial
    The middle initial of the user.
    Last Name
    The last name of the user.
    User Login
    The user login assigned to the user.
    A new password for the user ID. The new user must use this password to access the Infor Expense Management application.
    Note:  The user password can be modified from the Infor Expense Management application by users assigned to these roles:
    • An Administrator using the Admin > Reset Password tab.
    • A User using the My Profile > Change Password tab.
    The title of the user. This title is displayed on:
    • The Basic Information tab of the My Profile link of the user.
    • The document details screen when a reviewer clicks on any document link.
    Employee ID
    The employee identification number. The employee identification number is displayed on:
    • The Basic Information tab of My Profile link of the user.
    • The document details screen when a reviewer clicks on any document link.
    The name of the manager. The documents are routed to this manager when the routing is based on the user hierarchy.
    The country where the user resides.
    The currency in which the user must be paid. You can configure the baseCurrencyCountry application parameter to define the default currency.
    Note: You must not change the currency of a user unless the Loss Carry Forward (LCF) balance on the user’s expense report is zero. Else, the outstanding LCF amount is converted incorrectly based on the new currency.
    Alternate Currency
    The alternate currency in which the user can be paid.
    Set of Books
    A set of books for the user. All VAT amounts for the user are reported using this set of books account.
    Out of Office
    The out of office status of the user.
    The current status of the user. The status can be Active or Inactive.
    Note:  The inactive users cannot log on to the Infor Expense Management SAT application. If you deactivate a logged on user, the user can continue working on the current document till the document is submitted but cannot access or create any other document. The users can be reactivated, if required.
    Cost Center
    The cost center for the user. By default, this cost center is displayed in all the documents of the user. The cost center determines the applicable business rules and is used to compile data for the reports. When you specify the value of the cost center, the cost center segment fields are automatically populated.
    Note:  You cannot change the cost center segments.
    The work location of the user.
    The business phone number of the user.
    The email address of the user.
    E-mail Locale
    The email display language for the user.
  4. Click the Proxy Create or the Proxy Review tab to specify proxy information for the user. See Adding a proxy creator or Adding a proxy reviewer
  5. Click the Group Permission tab to provide access to specific roles or groups. See Working with permissions
    Note:  Each user must have access to at least one role.
  6. Click the Membership tab for adding the user to the appropriate groups. See Adding membership information
    Note:  Each user must belong to at least one group.
  7. Click the Timesheet tab to specify the timesheet information, if required. See Adding timesheet information
  8. Click the Extensions tab to specify the custom field information. See Adding custom information
  9. Click the Reviewer Permission tab to add reviewer permissions to activities and user groups. See Adding reviewer permissions
  10. Click the Credit Card option to specify the appropriate credit card information for the user. See Attaching credit card information
    1. Click Add to save the credit card information. You are prompted to specify the user's credit card number again.
    2. Click Done to continue.
  11. Click Add. You can also specify an external key value for a user. See Creating an external key
  12. Click Clear to add another user and execute the steps from 3 to 11.