Working with the Late TS Approval notification instead of the standard delay notification

You can use the standard delay notifications to notify the users of a late timesheet approval. However, the standard delay notification does not produce the same results as the Late TS Approval notification background process. While the Late TS Approval notification background process searches for the late timesheet approvals, regardless of the timesheets current activity. The standard delay notification method is based on a given timesheet’s arrival in its current activity.

For example, if a TS workflow is setup to route a timesheet from the Create to Project Manager Review and then to Manager Review, the background process of the TS workflow identifies a total of five timesheets in the Manager Review and the Project Manager review that are delinquent in their approvals, grace period, and the TS Submit date, while the standard delay notification identifies the delinquent timesheets, less than 5, in the Project Manager Review only as the timesheet's arrival in the Manager Review are recent in the activity.

You can use the Late TS Approval notification for the late timesheet approvals. The Late timesheet approvals are the timesheets not fully approved by all the approvers within a certain time frame, since the timesheet submitted.

You must use the standard email delay notification functionality, in case you reset the grace period of a timesheet approval, each time the timesheet arrives in a new activity.