Adding a guest list

The guest lists include the guests and the child guest lists. The guest lists are in hierarchical structure. For example, a pharmaceutical company can create a guest list for each hospital and then create a parent guest list that represents the hospitals for each state.

  1. Click the Manage > Corporate Data tab.
  2. Select Guest List in the Data Type field.
  3. Specify this information:
    The name of the guest list.
    The description of the guest list.
    The status of the guest list. The status can be Active or Inactive.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Select a user to add to the guest list.
  6. Click Pick Selected or Pick All to save the data.
  7. Click Add to add a child guest list.
  8. Select a child guest list to add to the guest list.
  9. Click Pick Selected or Pick All to save the data.
  10. Click Add in the Membership section, if required.
  11. Specify a unique external ID for the group if required.
    Note:  The external keys are automatically imported into the database if the company uses the Infor Expense Management Import tool to populate the Infor Expense Management database.
  12. Click Save to save the data.