Expense reports corporate data

You can work with the tables containing data of the company. You can modify the Infor Expense Report functionality by updating these tables, or data types.

These data types are available for the expense reports:

  • Credit Card Import Format.
  • Credit Card Level 3 Mapping.
  • Credit Card Processor.
  • Credit Card SIC Code.
  • Expense Type.
  • Payment Type.
  • Purpose (ER).
  • ER/TP Vendor.
  • Fiscal Calendar.
  • Guest on page Guest.
  • Hotel Service Class.
  • Invoice Item Type.
  • Mileage Rate.
  • Online Booking Agency Configure.
  • Online Booking Element Mapping.
  • Per Diem.
  • Per Diem Overage.
  • Quick Itemization.
  • Review Policies.
  • Service Class.
  • Set of Books.

You can also make changes to the data types that are common to all applications in the Expense Management application. See Corporate Data suite.