Configuring data

Infor Expense Management can be configured to meet the requirements of a company. The application server includes these configurable options:

  • Workflow: Activities, states, and permission.
  • Business rules: Type, values, and severity.
  • Corporate data: Application parameters such as cost centers, project codes, city, currency, purpose, vendor, company logo, export profile, and custom flex fields.
  • E-mail notification: Triggers for notification, recipients, and messages.
  • Password security: The characteristics of the user password.

The database table values that configure these options are set during the installation. You can change the values using one of these methods:

  • HR import: A regular feed from the human resources department or the financial system.
  • Infor SAT: An application with a graphical user interface that is included with Infor Expense Management for configuring and maintaining the system.
  • Customer support: Contact Customer support to modify other table values or the underlying code.