Working with the DlnqntApprvlNotifier background process

You can use the DlnqntApprvlNotifier background process to identify all the approvers who are yet to approve the timesheets after the expiration of the approval grace period. Create emails to notify the users that their timesheets must be approved.

The notification background process creates the email from a standard email notification template and passes in parameters, so that each email matches a specific individual timesheet.

You must set up an email notification to send when a timesheet document is not submitted. See Adding an email notification.

The notification background process passes these parameters:

  • The tracking number.
  • The timesheet title.
  • The date of submission.
  • The creator’s user_id.

The standard notification engine uses this information to complete the variables in the Late Timesheet Approval Notice notification template. You can configure the body of the message notification , subject, and the addressees as the background process uses a standard email notification template. The message is sent to the document owner, the owner’s hierarchical manager, and one level above (the hierarchical manager’s hierarchical manager).