Updating per diem rates

You can use the per diem load tool for the Infor Expense Management versions prior to v 8.0. You can also use the HTTP per diem load importer for updating the per diem rates.

  1. Download the CONUS and OCONUS ASCII delimited zip files and US government rates from https://www.gsa.gov/travel/plan-book/per-diem-rates . These files are delimited by a semicolon ";".

    The CONUS.ZIP includes the CONNOW.TXT file for military installations and the CONUSNM.TXT for non-military installations.

    The OCONUS.ZIP includes the OCONUS.TXT file for military installations and the OCONUSNM.TXT file for non-military installations.

    Note: If you are downloading only the non-military file for either CONUS or OCONUS, remove or rename the connow.txt or oconus.txt files so that the load tool does not automatically load the files.
  2. When you specify the PerDiem.group.ConusLocation and the PerDiem.group.ConusPerDiem parameters respectively to a group, the new CONUS locations and the rates get added automatically to the members of the specified group. You must use the resource key of the group name.

    For example, if you set the PerDiem.group.ConusLocation parameter value to@@DB_GROUP_NAME_43, all the new CONUS locations automatically become members of the Corp: Default data group. A similar configuration is also applicable to the PerDiem.group.OconusLocation parameter and the PerDiem.group.OconusPerDiem parameter.

    Note: You can separate the group names with a semicolon ";" to map a location or a rate to multiple groups.
  3. Country names from CONUS generally map directly to Expense Management country names, but not always. For example, America is equivalent to the United States and UK is equivalent to the United Kingdom.

    You can use the Voice Alias table to map the OCONUS country names to the Expense Management country names:

    1. Select Corporate Data > Voice Alias in the SAT tool
    2. Select Country in Data Type field and click Find.
    3. Map the country names to be added here and used during per diem import.
    Note: The voice alias table is created to support the voice expense feature but can also be use dby the other Expense Management functionality.
  4. Download the revised rates from the Federal Travel Regulations as reported by the US Government, for the meal reduction rates. Edit the existing rates or add new rates to the ConusDeduction.txt file or the OconusDeduction.txt file, as appropriate
    Note: Meal reduction rates are not updated frequently, perhaps only once a year. You can subscribe to the Federal Travel Regulations to receive the updated meal reduction rates.
  5. Run the load tool PerDiemImportBkg background process. See Starting a background process.