Finding a user

You can find and manage an existing user.

  1. Select Manage > Users > User Information.
  2. Click Clear to clear the information in the fields before you add a user.
  3. Specify or select the appropriate information of the user data on any tab to display a subset of users. You can perform a wildcard search, if required. See Using wildcards in searches
  4. Click Find. The names that match the search criteria are displayed in the left panel of the screen.
    The User Information screen displays the total number of users based on the search criteria and the total number of users displayed in the current subset. For example, 1-200 of 375 users indicate that the user search result displayed 375 users; however, only the first 200 users are displayed as a subset.
    Note:  You cannot search for a user from a user group that you do not manage. In such cases, an error message is displayed, even if the user exists. You must log on to the Infor SAT application with the admin group that includes the user group, having access to a set of users. Only a super administrator can search for all the users regardless of the group membership.

    You can sort the users by using the column names. For example, click the first name, last name, or the user login name.

    If the search process displays a large group of users, the users are divided into subsets. Use the scroll bars to scroll through the names in the current subset. Use the left arrow and right arrow buttons to move to the next or previous subset.