Background processes

The background process service is a Java class that runs on the application server. This process service provides the facilities required to create, start, and stop the background processes that run on the application server.

The background process service starts when the application server has started. When the background process service receives a start command, a separate thread for the background process is created in the start command. When the background process handler receives a stop command, the background process is stopped in the stop command.

The background process provides specific processing functions. This process is defined as the users in the Infor Expense Management application and are hence associated with one or more workflow activity queues. The background process is not associated with a user interface. The process is customized to a specific installation. The functional requirements are specified by the Infor Expense Management Professional Services.

You can perform these tasks from the Background Process Monitor screen:

  • Start a background process.
  • Stop a background process.
  • View a background process log.
  • Define a background process.
  • Edit a background process definition.
  • Delete a background process.
  • Refresh the list of the background processes.

You can view lists and descriptions of a specific background process for each application in Infor Expense Management. The list displays all the Infor Expense Management background processes.

The table lists the attributes displayed when the Background Process Monitor screen is opened:

Attributes Use
Background Process Name The name of the background process class.
Server The host name of the application server that runs the background process.
Port The port number assigned to the application server that runs the background server.
Type The type of the background process.
Status The state of the background process thread in the application server. Possible values are:
  • Never Started: The background process is assigned to this server and port combination, but the process never started.
  • Running: The background process is running. The thread can be in a running, sleep, or suspended state.
  • Stopped: The background process stops with the Stop command.
  • Unknown: The thread state is unknown. The thread state is assigned to a different application server.
Wait Time The time interval between processing cycles for a continuous running process.
Wait Unit The unit of time used for the wait time interval.