Supporting per diem rates

The per diem rates include several sources and cover the typical expenses. The Infor ER application supports per diem rates from these sources:

Source Method
U.S. government The General Services Administration (GSA) publishes per diem rate tables for all the travelers who are government employees or who work on government contracts. These tables are updated periodically and separated by location. The U.S. government maintains per diem rates with these tables:
  • The CONUS (Continental United States) table contains per diem rates for the travel destinations located in the 48 contiguous states and in the District of Columbia. These rates are updated annually.
  • The OCONUS table contains per diem rates for the travel destinations located outside the Continental United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. These rates are updated monthly.
International governments Many countries use pre-established per diem rates to reimburse travelers. For example, the travelers based in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden use the established per diem rates that account for specific government requirements. These governments maintain their own per diem rate tables and update the rate periodically.
Industry standards Industry standard per diem rates are published by the private companies that provide these rates to their customers.
Corporate standards Your company maintains its own per diem reimbursement rates and expense types.