Assigning a user to the TS Role group

You must assign users to the TS: Role group before you can view the Delinquent Timesheet tabs in the Infor Expense Management application.

  1. Select Manage > Groups.
  2. Click Find to display the list of groups.
  3. Select the TS: Role group.
  4. Click the User Access tab.
  5. Click Add. The Give Users Access to Group screen is displayed.
  6. Click Find to display a list of users.
    Note: You can use any field on the screen to filter the list.
  7. Select a user or users.
  8. Click the Timesheet tab to verify that the user is assigned to a TS Profile.
  9. You can:
    • Click Pick Selected to add only the selected users to the group
    • Click Pick All to add all the displayed users to the group
    • Click Cancel to return to the User Access tab without selecting any users
  10. Click Update to assign a user to the TS Role group.