Understanding expense type warnings

An expense type is automatically selected when you attach a credit card transaction to an expense report on the Credit Card Transactions screen.

The credit card SIC codes are mapped to the expense types based on the information from the organization. The Infor Expense Management Professional Services specify this information in the database as part of the installation of the credit card feed functionality.

The mapping process is not exact. For example, an SIC code that indicates a restaurant expense does not display whether the expense was for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Entertainment, or any other expense type that the organization has used.

You can configure the Credit Card Transactions to display a message and a list of expense types when you attach the transactions to an expense report. You can select an expense type from the list in the message box.

The Infor Expense Management Professional Services sets the warning parameter in the SIC code table for a specific SIC code. You can modify the SIC Code mapping and settings for the warning with the Infor Expense Management SAT. See Updating corporate data and Adding a credit card SIC code.

Note: The HTML client uses the SIC Code warnings and not the ccExpenseWarning application parameter.