Understanding the reports and filter permission matrix

The table lists the permission filters that are applicable to each report.

Report Name User Permission Project Permission Organization Permission
ER Air Ticket Spending Analysis - Detail X X X
ER Air Ticket Spending Analysis - Summary X X X
ER Attached Credit Card Analysis X
ER Doc Violation Details X
ER Expenses By Project X X
ER Line Item Violations X
ER Preferred Vendor Analysis X X X
ER Reimbursement Time X X X
ER Spending Trends X X X
ER Estimated VAT X
ER Expenses by Organization X X
ER Export VAT X
Payment Requests by Organization X X
Payment Requests by Project X X
PR Doc Violation Details X
PR Line Item Violations X
PR Vendor Reimbursement X X
ER Unattached Credit Card Analysis X
PR Vendor Reimbursement Detail X X