Adding address information

You can use the Address (alco_address ) table to add, modify, or deactivate the corporate addresses and the PR Vendor addresses.

  1. Select Manage > Corporate Data.
  2. Select Address in the Data Type field.
  3. Specify this information:
    A unique name for the address.
    The description of the address.
    Address Line 1
    The first line of an organization or the individual address.
    Address Line 2
    The second line of an organization or the individual address.
    The city specified in the address.
    The state or province specified in the address.
    Zip/Postal Code
    The zip or postal code for the address.
    The country for the State/Province.
    The phone number specified in the address.
    The URL of the company website.
    Contact Name
    The contact person.
    Contact E-mail
    The email address of the contact.
    Contact Phone
    The phone number of the contact.
    The fax number of the contact.
    The status of the address. The status can be Active or Inactive.
  4. Click the Membership tab, if required, and add the data groups. See, Adding or removing data groups from a corporate date type.
  5. Specify an external key, if required. See, Creating an external key.
  6. Click Add to save the data.