Activity views and end-user permissions

In the Infor Expense Management application, the information available in a document is based on different levels of end-user permissions on the document and the position of the document in the workflow.

This table lists the possible views:

View Definition
Data entry For the users creating documents.
Review For the managers and reviewers reviewing documents.

There are several levels of end-user permissions. The number and the types of end-user permissions are specific to the company.

Th is table lists the end-user permissions:

View Definition
Write You can modify the data in the document. For example, the owner of a document or the proxy has the Write permissions while creating the document.
Read You can read the document but cannot modify the data. For example, the owner of a document or the proxy has the Read permissions after the document is submitted.
Notes Only You can add a note to the document. For example, when a reviewer sends a document back to the owner for more information, the owner or the proxy can add a note but cannot modify the document.