Adding a proxy creator

You can use the Proxy Create tab to review the information for a selected proxy user. The tab is divided into two sections. The Proxies For User section displays the group of users who have the permission to create a proxy user. The User Is a Proxy For section displays the group of users for whom the selected user is a proxy creator.

The proxy users set up as proxy in the Infor Expense Management application or assigned the proxy role by the administrator, are displayed in these sections.

You can add or remove the user who is a proxy on behalf of the current user. The proxy creators can create documents only for the selected applications.

  1. Select Manage > Users > User Information.
  2. Click Find to select a user.
  3. Click the Proxy Create tab.
  4. Select the check boxes corresponding to the documents a proxy is permitted to submit and send a response to request for more information. This setting applies to all the selected proxy users
  5. Click Add Proxy in the Proxies For User section. The Add Proxy screen is displayed.
  6. Select an Infor Expense Management functionality in the Application field.
  7. Click Add User. The Adding User screen is displayed.
  8. Click Find.
  9. Select a user and click Pick Selected.
    Note: You can also click Pick All to select multiple users.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Click Add User in the User Is a Proxy For section to add the users or the user groups for whom the current user can act as a proxy creator.
  12. Execute steps 6-11.
  13. Click Update to save the data.