Working with email notifications application parameters

The alwf_appl_parameters table lists several parameters that enable email notification.

You can modify the email notification parameters by updating the application parameters table in the Corporate Data screen.

The table lists the parameters to configure the email notification:

Parameter Meaning and Values
mail.from The email address of the user sending the email notification. The default value is the email address of the system administrator.
mail.homeDirectory The directory in which the email notifications are saved. The directory contains three folders.
  • Pending: Notifications awaiting delivery.
  • Sent: Notifications delivered successfully.
  • Dead: Notifications failed to be processed or delivered. The host name of the mail server.
mail.logMode The mode for logging all messages to the Notification Service log. The default value is 3.

The number of days for which a notification can be retained in the notification folder, after successful delivery.

The default value is 7.

mail.purgeRunFrequency The notification store cleanup process frequency is expressed in hours. Each time the cleanup process runs, notifications that have reached the maximum retention period is purged from the notification store. The default value is 24.
mail.retryHoursWait The number of hours to wait before a delivery retry for a notification that has previously failed. The default value is 8.
mail.user The ID of the user sending the email notification.