Managing documents with multiple reviewers

The reviewers of a document are listed in the alwf_reviewer_list table.

A business rule set to Fire on the exit of a document from an activity transition can set:

  • The next reviewers.
  • The next activity transition.

A business rule set to Fire on the entry of a document into an activity can only set the next reviewers. Business rules that determine the reviewers of a document can set:

  • A user as a reviewer.
  • A user group as a reviewer.
  • Multiple users or user groups as reviewers.
  • All or one of the reviewers who must review the document to move to the next activity.

For example, an entry business rule can set user 'A ' as a reviewer, user group '1 ' as a reviewer, making the rule mandatory that all the reviewers must review the document. After user 'A ' approves the document, an internal transition fires and the alwf_reviewer_list table entry is updated for user ' A ', and the document remains in the same activity until all the users in the group have completed the review of the document.

The possible scenarios of the review process for multiple reviewers:

  • Review order for the reviewers is not set.
  • An internal transition, work_item_status of -110, fires after a reviewer reviews the document and there are more reviewers for that document. The document remains in the same activity.
  • A notification can be set up for an internal transition, if required.
  • The alwf_reviewer_list table entry for a reviewer approving a document is updated with a date and timestamp.