Approving documents with a mobile device

You can use mobile devices to review the documents remotely. This feature provides an easy solution for the managers to review the documents, at any point in time.

The users receive an email notification when the application parameter is set to True.

After a document, sent for more information, is re-submitted to the manager for approval. The manager can approve or reject the document.

The ADCs are automatically displayed on the mobile device if you add an ADC in the Infor Expense Management SAT, modify field attribute for a screen, or change a transition.

  1. Log on to Infor Expense Management using the mobile device.
  2. View the document.
  3. Review and click Accept or Reject, if the document includes exceptions.
    Note: If you select Reject for a line item exception, the approved amount is set to 0.00.
  4. Click Approve, if the document meets the requirements.
  5. Specify a document note and click Return, if the document requires additional information.