Example: Escalated review signing authority based routing

Rule: The expense reports are routed to one or more reviewers other than the default reviewer for the creator, based on the amount specified in the document and the signing authorities of the creator and the managers. This applies to the Infor Expense Report, Infor Payment Request, and Infor Travel Plan.

For example, if a document containing expenses valued at $1,500 is routed to a manager with a signing authority up to only $1,000, a business rule based on this template, routes the document to a manager who has authority to approve the $1,500 amount.

For these rules to be applicable, you must configure:

  • The manager's user profile to include the dollar amount for which the manager can approve the documents. To set a dollar amount, you must specify an amount in the PR Authorized Amount field on the Extensions tab for the payment request related rules, and the Authorized Amount field on the Extensions tab for all other document types.
  • The approval of the manager must be established based on the hierarchical order. The last manager in the hierarchical order is considered the final approver of the expense report.
  • The Electronic Signature business rule is used to track managers signing an active document.
  • This rule requires at least two Fire Ons to be selected. One is fired when a user submits a document and the other when a manager approves the document. This helps in finding out if the document must go to any other manager for further approval.
  • The CEO or CFO is the final approver as designated by the rule and on the top of the hierarchical structure in the organization.

If the work item total is in the signing authority of the manager, the escalated review is not considered.

If the work item total exceeds the signing authority of the manager, the user hierarchy from a creator to a reviewer is searched with the signing authority is found or the ultimate approver is found. In the first case, the first reviewer in the hierarchy, with sufficient signing authority, is assigned as the reviewer. In the second case, the final approver is assigned as the reviewer.

For multi-step escalated reviews, a document is initially assigned to the first valid manager in the hierarchy. The hierarchy is searched again for the next level of valid managers to assign the document. This process is repeated until a manager with sufficient signing authority has signed the document.

Documents are routed to the Exception Handling activity with appropriate notes if:

  • A user is found without a reviewer when searching for managers in the hierarchy.
  • A loop is found in the hierarchy search.
  • A same reviewer is searched twice.

This table lists the values for fields:

Field Value
Rule Name Escalated Review
Status Active
Fire On Route on ER Submit, Route on Escalated Review

This table lists the values for parameters:

Field Value
Single Step Escalated Review check box Select this check box to send the document directly to the final approver. If this check box is cleared, then the documents with amounts exceeding the signing authority of the default approver are sent to every reviewer in the creator's approver hierarchy with sufficient signing authority.
To Activity Select the activity where the document is routed if the rule executes successfully.
Exception Activity Select the activity where the document is routed if the rule generates an exception.
Final Approver Select the final approver for the document.