Field Attribute Editor overview

You can use the Field Attribute Editor functionality to modify the usage of the fields for the various applications. With this functionality you can determine:

  • The attributes of the fields and the labels on the screen, including the label text.
  • The field is enabled and displayed, if required.

The alco_field_attribute table refers to the field by the screen component ID of the Java client. The control settings in the application determine the BOb type and the element to which the field is mapped. The Field Attribute Editor refers directly to the field by the BOb type and element, and maintains the ability to refer to a component not mapped to any BOb type and element. For components that do not map to a BOb type and element, the Field Attribute Editor specifies the component ID with the control_defn_id column instead of using the bob_type and bob_element columns.

The Field Attribute Editor screen is arranged with multiple group boxes to provide flexibility for managing the existing and the new fields that you create for the Infor Expense Management application.