Per diem

The per diem functionality supports traveler’s ability to prepare expense reports, using the pre-established rates. Per diem rate, is a spending allowance limit based on the location, date, and sometimes duration of the stay for an expense type. The per diem typically includes lodging, meals, and incidental expenses. Using the per diem rates to calculate expenses allows a traveler to prepare the expense reports and get the reimbursement at a standard rate without the requirement to submit the receipts for each expense. For managers, using the per diem rate streamlines the expense report approval process; when using the pre-established rates.

The per diem functionality includes:

  • Import tool: Loads per diem data from the various data sources.
  • Calculation engine: Determines the per diem amount based on the required input factors.
  • Expense types: Identifies and links a specific expense type to a per diem rate table.
  • Business rules: Enforces travel policy and determines per diem amount using the business rules.
  • Overage background process: Calculates the overage amount and makes additional allocation for overage accounts.