Managing expense receipt packet information

You can use the Receipts Received screen to work with the receipt packets received when an expense report is in an activity queue.

This option can be configured to hide the error messages and dialogs of the expense reports that are not found but have been previously marked as received. You must be notified with an alert sound if the application is configured to hide these messages and dialog box. This functionality is designed to speed up the data entry process.

  1. Select Manage > Work Item > Receipts Received.
  2. Specify a tracking number in the Enter Tracking Number field.
  3. Click Locate to retrieve the document information for the tracking number.
    Note:  You can also click Enter.
  4. Specify a date in the Date Packet Received field and click Received to indicate that the receipts are received for the expense report.
  5. Click Undo Received to clear the Date Receipts Received field and continue specifying the receipt packet information for other expense reports.
    Note:  The Undo Received option is available, only if the receipts of the expense report are marked as received.