User Information

You can use the Manage > Users > User Information menu to add and modify the user data, credit card details, and proxy information. You can also activate and deactivate a user.

These tabs are displayed on the User Information screen:

  • Standard: Displays a list of users and user data, such as names, reviewers, cost centers, and email addresses
  • Timesheet: Displays information related to the timesheet of the user, such as labor status, reporting period, holiday schedule, and billable rates.
    Note: The Timesheet tab displays even if the Timesheet functionality is not available in the application. However, you cannot specify any information related to a timesheet for the user.
  • Proxy Create: Enables you to set up user permission for the proxy creator.
  • Proxy Review: Enables you to set up user permission for the proxy reviewer.
  • Group Permission: Displays the list of roles and group access granted to the user. This tab also displays the list of data, admin, and user groups to which the user has access.
  • Membership: Displays the list of groups that the user is a member.
  • Extensions: Displays the user settings for custom fields.
  • External Account: Displays the list of external users and the external user login information.
  • Reviewer Permission: Displays the list of activities and the user groups with permissions for the associated activities.
  • User Mileage: Displays the user settings for the user mileage fields.
Note:  The application updates data in the alco_user table when the User Information screen is modified.