Assigning users to a group

You can route documents to a new activity and a group for the Audit Review. You must have at least one user as a part of the Audit review group to review, approve, and route the documents for payment.

  1. Select Manage > Groups.
  2. Click Find.
  3. Select Corp: Auditors group.
  4. Click Add. The Give Users Access to Group screen is displayed.
  5. Specify the user name and click Find.
  6. Select the user and click Pick Selected to assign users to a group.
    This table lists each activity in the workflow:
    View and Permission Definition
    User performing the activity. For example, when you are creating a document, you have the Data Entry view with Write permission.
    Document owner or designated proxy when the document is in the activity. For example, once you have submitted the document, you have the Data Entry view, but you cannot modify any data. You now have the Read permission.
    User, usually the document owner or the designated proxy, requested for more information at that point in the workflow. For example, the manager who approves or rejects the document and can modify the line items in the process, has the Review view with Write permission.

    You can specify a list of users or user groups as reviewers for a document.