Administrator log

All actions that a system administrators complete in the Infor SAT are logged to the database. You must have permission to view the administrator log. See Working with permissions.

As the log is not a text file, it grows over time. You can need to delete part of the log if it becomes too large.

To view an administrator log:

  1. Select Manage > Servers > Administrator Log.
  2. Click Find to view all logs. To filter the list, specify this information:
    Administrator ID
    Specify an ID to display the log of actions taken by a specific administrator. Leave blank to display the actions for all administrators.
    Select an action to display the log of a specific action taken by the administrators. For example, Work Item Edited, User Info Updated, or Business Rule Deactivated. To display all of the actions, select All.
    From Date
    Specify the start date for the action.
    From Time
    Specify the start time for the action.
    To Date
    Specify the end date for the action.
    To Time
    Specify the end time for the action.
    Data Type
    Select a data type for the log.
    Specify the description for the log.
  3. To sort the list, click a column heading.